Advanced Flexographic Solutions for Multinational Brands, CPC's & Corrugated Converters.

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Plate-Making Capabilities

Utilizing the most advanced digital imaging technology available, VT Graphics produces large format (52” x 80”) optimized flat top dot digital plates resulting in broader tonal range reproduction, softer transitions in the highlights and reduced fluting when printing on liner or combined board. These cutting-edge digitally imaged plates absolutely raise the quality bar for converters at all levels by providing superior print quality results.

Plate-Making Materials

VT manufactures its plates using the finest photopolymers specifically developed for the flexographic post-print industry and supplied by industry giants like DuPont and MacDermid. We transform both sheet and liquid polymers into high quality printing plates using digital flat top dot and analog imaging processes. VT is committed to working closely with its supplier partners to improve processes and test new materials in order to remain at the forefront of the flexographic plate making industry.

  • Dupont® DPC Digital Plates
  • Dupont® Cyrel® TDR and DRC Photopolymer Plates
  • Merigraph® DMGC Digital Plates
  • Merigraph® MGC Sheet Plate
  • Merigraph® LTL Polymer Plates