Advanced Flexographic Solutions for Multinational Brands, CPC's & Corrugated Converters.

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Project Management & On-Site Liaisons

Workflow Perfection

At VT Graphics, we are passionate about the pursuit of workflow perfection. With increased project management support and the reach of our network, we have been able to virtually wipe out waste and down time and provide the best service possible.

We have a closed-loop proofing system that delivers proven reliability every time.

  • VT TruColor® Dot Proof – Proprietary Digital Proofing Technology
  • Epson Stylus Pro 9800
  • Epson Stylus Pro 9900
  • HP Designjet 5500
  • PDF

Process Manager Capabilities
We enter customer/converter specifications into the VT Process Manager® database to ensure proper print reproduction specifications are maintained for all converting facilities and presses. We store detailed data on a press-by-press basis and use it to establish print reproduction parameters for a given press, substrate, and ink set – yielding exceptional graphic reproduction on any substrate.

Pre-Mounting Specialists
We recommend pre-mounting for all jobs. We enter customer mounting specifications into the VT Process Manager® database to ensure proper specifications for all facilities, leading to reduced lead times and higher accuracy. Extensive file format conversion utilities allow VT Graphics to work with any customer or cutting die vendor’s file formats and with any given press. Our expertise results in reduced waste and flow times, increased accuracy, and maximum speed to market for converters and national CPCs.